Services & solutions

Let me mention the concept of Software Quality Assurance and Control that are commonly called QA, to proceed with the description of possible services that can be counted on ways to improve the quality of your products:

Quality Assurance is a set of planned and systematic activities implementing a quality system so that the quality of a product or service requirements are satisfied. These activities include the systematic measurement, comparison with standards, the monitoring of processes, all activities associated with information feedback loops, etc.. These activities contribute to the prevention of errors, which can be contrasted with quality Control, which focuses on the outputs of the process.



My greatest experience around QA is in the leadership of teams and this leads to various solutions such as:

  • Recruiting: Selection of trained personnel to perform defined tasks according to required QA expertise.
  • Team building.
  • Organization of quality processes.
  • Planning and definition of QA strategies.
  • Monitoring, management and control of projects.
  • Estimation of resources, time and budgets.
  • Defining plans UAT (User Acceptance Testing)


As an analyst tester I mainly perform functional testing and for this we can mention:

  • Functional Testing.
  • Exploratory Testing.
  • Defining strategies.
  • Mobile testing.
  • Implementation of management tools for QA (Bug Trackers, Test Case Managers)


  • Introductory testing.
  • In company training.
  • Distance training.
  • Designing custom courses.
  • Implementation of e-learning platforms.


Control and quality assurance software includes many and various services. Many of them require diverse technical skills and is in me, advising and counseling my clients according to their requirements.

From WORLD TESTER page, we will be organizing multidisciplinary teams that have the necessary skills to carry out tasks such as:

  • Performance testing.
  • Security testing.
  • Volume testing.
  • Automation.