About me…

Something about me, my history and my career…Francisco Javier wheat spider

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia and moved to Argentina in 1988 when I began my studies in the University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires in Tandil, where I received my degree as an University Analyst Programmer and later as a Systems Engineer.

I started my career in Tandil as a teacher and developing independent software products, later on I continued in the city of Buenos Aires, where I worked as an analyst programmer in different companies, gaining experience in the software development lifecycle and systems analysis, working for various consulting firms, even in telecommunications companies.

Currently, thanks to my capacity for leadership and analysis, plus the desire to experience new directions I’ve been performing project management tasks until the opportunity arose to venture into the world of software quality assurance and control.

I’ve been working as QA (Quality Assurance) analyst while learning and experiencing the methodology and the state of the art of software quality; Since then I never walked away from QA and I am permanently specializing in the art of QA.

I have participated in various projects around the world, some in site, others remotely doing offshore work.

The most relevant projects and for which I participated actively performing tasks of software quality assurance were:

  • Startup of the mobile cellular company in Colombia, currently known as TIGO brand. Project directed by Hewlett Packard who concentrated more than 200 consultants around the world to carry out the launch of the third largest company in cellular telephony in Colombia that subsequently run as in partnership with Millicom became TIGO.
  • Leader of the team of QA for TENARIS in Argentina, where I participated in the quality assurance of different products; the most relevant was the migration of a Stock management system.
  • Creation, coordination and leadership of a team of quality control and assurance offshore for ASTEA International INC. (www.astea.com), whose supply chain management and CRM solutions are currently positioned as the best worldwide. We worked remotely from Argentina with Israel in several products
  • Creation of a quality assurance and quality control office for a software factory called AXG (www.teconexo.com), that now specializes in e-learning products having managed to position itself as one of the best companies in e-learning in South America.
  • Project MANAGER at Millicom International Cellular S.A., where I coordinated a team of analysts working on behalf of Pragma Consultores S.A. to create a quality office in TIGO-Bolivia.
  • QA Leader for Sancor Seguros S.A. one of the most important insurance company in Argentina, where I coordinated and led  a team of quality assurance analysts during its CORE products were being migrated to a WEB platforms.

I have also actively participated as a consultant of software quality analyst and coordinated teams in several projects like:

  • www.postcardsapp.com
  • Viddy, Inc.,
  • Qello, Inc.,
  • Gogobot Inc.,
  • Abyne Inc.,
  • Ralph Lauren Corporation,
  • HBO
  • Tempo FZ LLC
  • Quickn LTD

Many of these projects have their products online at present, others did not.